No Office for Windows 8 any time soon

According to this site, a Metro version of Microsoft Office won’t be along until much later in the year (Q3, Q4 – knowing Microsoft that means Q4).

I don’t get this  – how can one of the largest software companies in the world take so long? Metro is currently awash with glorified RSS readers, it desperately needs some capable software that does something useful. Just as iOS has iWorks and iPhoto to demonstrate its true potential, Windows 8 needs something other than pretty weather apps to prove its worth, and no, re-skinning desktop software doesn’t work.

I like Siri

But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to speak to it?

Google Now seems like a preferred approach, you tell it the teams you follow, and where you work (or it works it out), and the information just appears when it’s needed.

Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts

Apple seems to be getting a lot of bad press recently because of their refusal to release a larger iPhone. That and the fact that iOS is apparently getting 'stale' because hasn't changed much since its release in 2007.
I completely disagree with this criticisms – and here's why: Firstly, when it comes to a phone, I don't believe bigger is better. What matters to me is the portability of the device, coupled with software which is of a high standard and turns this 'black mirror' into something useful. If anything, quality and resolution of the screen matters far more than the dimensions.
When people start talking up screen sizes, it reminds me of the TV market, where people routinely buy the biggest screen they can get for their money, even if it means the screen will disproportionately intrude into their living room. There hasn't been much innovation in TVs in the past 6 years, we've seen half-hearded attempts at 'app' ecosystems, but ultimately people just want to sit passively and watch stuff, not mess about with apps. Since the iPhone was released in 2007, introducing multitouch, inertia scrolling and a touch screen that didn't need a stylus, we haven't seen any other big changes in paradigm. The iPhone 4 got a super high resolution screen that made reading text all the more pleasurable. Apart from that, in terms of hardware at least, we've gotten thinner, lighter and faster and that's all.
With phones, the quality of the apps and ease of use is what makes the difference – not the size of the thing. Price also plays a part – a big part. Having used Android for the past 18 months (HTC Desire S, and a Nexus 7) I can't help but be drawn back to iOS, purely because th software is so much better.