Podcast Tool: Updated

A quick note to let you know that I’ve updated Podcast Tool (someone please suggest a more imaginative name!)

  1. The new version fixes some bugs, and also provides some convenient options. There is now a gray RSS icon when a podcast hasn’t been downloaded, and a blue one when it has, allowing you to see from the list quickly what you’ve already got.
  2. When you update podcasts the status bar now tells you how many were added, and when.  I found myself wondering if there were any new shows or not. I plan to expand this is and have a separate view for ‘recently added’ shows.
  3. The options dialog now has two extra options. The first is to automatically check for new shows when the program runs, the second is to automatically download new shows after checking.
Screenshot of the Podcast Tool application.
Screenshot of the Podcast Tool application.

Again, feedback and suggestions are welcome, so please send me an email if you use the application.

Bing! And the work is done

Microsoft’s new search engine isn’t half bad. I’ve noticed it ranks Wikipedia,Windows Live and FaceBook profiles more prominatly than Google. There is no automatic spell-checker, or search suggestions like Google has, which is dissapointing.  I’ve also not noticed the ability to search synonyms like Google can. The lack of a decent News agregstor is also a let down. However on search results alone, Bing is just as good, and certainly more visually attractive as Google.

Where Google really comes in handy is tring to find an answer to an error message or programming query. I’ll be giving Bing a test over the next few weeks.